Nurse Case Manager – Non- Clinical

Fort Indiantown Gap PA
Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

Interagency Readiness Solutions (IRS) is seeking a Nurse Case Manager- Non-Clinical to join our team in Fort Indiantown Gap, PA.

Major Responsibilities

· Operates a personal computer to input, store, retrieve and manipulate data for various reports. Uses various software programs to maintain database files and prepare reports.

· Will be required to use military database systems to include but not limited to Medical Operational Data System (MODS), MEDPROS systems and MEDCHART.

· Conducts initial and follow-up Soldier interviews concerning medical readiness status and assists

the Soldier’s chain of command in ensuring the Soldier understands his/her responsibilities in regards to their own IMR according to Army Regulations.

· During Soldier interviews (performed face to face, via phone, or email), the contractor will supply

the Soldier with copies of all of the forms and profile needed to take to his/her civilian or VA provider concerning the disclosed or identified duty limiting condition. Forms can be forwarded digitally too military email address or via paper print out.

· Ensure accurate data entry of all Soldier medical information in appropriate MODS to include

MEDCHART/e-case, e-Profile, HRR, and MEDPROS.

· Coordinates with Medical Readiness Non-Commissioned Officers (MRNCO’s), military medical

providers or their alternate to provide information used when communication is occurring with Soldiers leadership concerning medical updates and counseling. Specific details will be documented in eCase for the MRNCO to review.

· Will inform military medical provider of the Soldier’s status and furnish them with the mandatory

information/documentation as received and reviewed. Will write proxy profiles.

· Coordinates treatment plans, for all conditions, including hearing and dental issues, and all

referrals when the care is being resourced by the Government.

· Ensures proper maintenance of Soldier’s medical records, both digital and paper IAW

regulatory guidance.

· Provide information to Soldier’s about their privacy rights. The Contractor shall also be

responsible for protecting confidential nature of Soldier’s files and medical issues.

· Educates Soldier’s on resources available to improve medical and dental readiness, including

· TRICARE benefits and possible Veterans Affairs eligibility. Soldier’s not turning in medical documents or not seeking medical care for a reported issue due to lack of insurance will be an unacceptable excuse and reported as noncompliance.

· The Nurse Case Managers will review all of the documentation and compose a NARSUM of the


· Nurse Case Managers will be required to review clinical treatment plans and document treatment

plans as given from a Soldiers treating Provider. The Nurse Case Manager will be responsible for

transposing treatment plans from clinical documentation into ADOP packets, INCAP packets,

Convalescent leave packets, and Medical Board packets where applicable. If a Soldiers clinical

documentation is not specific about the proposed treatment plan, the Nurse Case Manager will call the Soldiers treating Provider’s Office and speak with the treating Provider and/or nursing staff in order to obtain an appropriate treatment plan.

· Nurse Case Managers will be familiar with the online medical modules including MEDCHART and all of its’ various portals, MODS, Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA), and Joint Legacy Viewer. Nurse Case Managers and Administrative Assistants will maintain access to all of the MEDCHART modules, MODS Medical Readiness Portal, AHLTA, and Joint Legacy Viewer.

· Nurse Case Managers will have specific case panel assigned by Brigade or Brigade equivalent UIC.

· The Nurse Case Manager will be the team lead for the case panel. Each case panel will consist of approximately 2000 Soldiers per each nurse case manager. Depending on the size of the Brigade or Brigade equivalent element, more than one nurse case manager may be assigned per UIC to maintain a case panel of approximately 2000 Soldiers each. The Nurse Case Manager will work with the Administrative Assistants in order to report medical information to the Military or Government Clinicians. The Nurse Case Manager will direct the team workflow.

· The Nurse Case Manager will review all submitted documentation and provide a comprehensive,

chronologic, narrative summary for each Soldier in the case panel. If the contractor receives

documentation that is not pertinent to the disclosed condition and does not provide enough information for the generation of a NARSUM, the contractor will contact the civilian facility or the Soldier in order to request pertinent documentation.

· Nurse Case Managers will be authorized the role of “Support Staff” in the Medical Readiness portal and will be allowed to initiate proxy profiles in cases where a Soldier does require physical restrictions. The proxy profile will not include the nurse case manager signature. The profile will be forwarded to the Provider that is to receive the NARSUM concerning the case for full review. The reviewing Provider can concur with the profile restrictions, edit, or delete if not necessary.

· Narrative summaries will be QA/QC’d by the Provider the NARSUMs have been forwarded. If there are deficiencies in the NARSUM, the Provider will immediately address the deficiencies with the author of the NARSUM. If the Provider has to ask the Nurse Case Manager to make more than 6 corrections spanning 120 days, the Provider will address the issue with the COR.

Qualification Requirements

· Registered Nurse with at least 2 years of clinical experience

· Possess a valid Pennsylvania State Registered Nurse License and be able to maintain licensure for the duration of employment

· Experience in case management, occupational health, and Military experience is preferred

· Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, and Excel

· Must be familiar with Video Teleconference or Audio conferences. Proficient with email communication.

IRS offers a competitive benefits program which includes –

· Paid Time-off (PTO) days

· 10 paid holidays

· Company match for 401K after 90 days of employment

· $50K Life Insurance Policy

· Comprehensive Health, Vision and Dental Plan

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $30.00 per hour

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