Quality Control Support

Edinburgh IN
Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

Interagency Readiness Solutions (IRS) is seeking a Quality Control Support professional to join our team in Edinburgh, IN.

Major Responsibilities

· Maintain applicable spreadsheets and or data base, schedules, appointments, archiving

documents, and manage routine communication.

· Prepare a wide variety of recurring and nonrecurring documents, review, and finalize documents

as necessary. Proofread and edit all documents for correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation,

and format

· Maintain phone & email log to track Service members, Family member and Veterans that call

requesting employment services.

· Review qualification standards, rating schedules, crediting plans, examination announcement,

and supplemental forms. Ensure that KSAs, selective placement factors, and quality ranking factors

identified are valid, ratable, and reflect information available in applications.

· Provide Quality Control Services to assist the Employment Engagement Events and Community

Engagement Events in support of all Major Commands and Veteran events.

· Provide Quality Control services to meet the employment needs and Outreach needs of the

INNG, service members, their families and the Veterans.

· Provide Quality Control for Outreach & Employment programs with placement follow-up with

service members as well as employers. Conduct over site of the follow-up process on placement 30, 60

and 90 days with the employers that did the hiring at the engagement events as well as Events from the

Outreach Service.

· Provide resource assistance and support to all J1 and J9 programs.

· Research, review and analyze local and higher authority finance regulations, statutes, and other

directives. Present findings and recommendations orally and in writing.

· Participate in initiatives to improve the resource process, develop and implement

recommendations to achieve more efficient and economical practices, workflow, procedures, and draft

and coordinate organizational operating procedures.

· Monitor, review, and input data into the database as service members, Family Members and

Veterans request assistance in the system. Use database to ensure members in the unit are being helped

when looking for employment and use the system to annotate conversations, placement and follow-up.

· Aid in the development of PowerPoint presentations for briefings and training, spreadsheets for

tracking documents, and input into developed or existing databases.

· Develop, implement and maintain database, spreadsheets, reports and graphs that portray an

annual and historical unemployed and underemployed pattern for use in resource analysis within INNG

Employment data.

· Submit monthly report to the Outreach Program; report data on number of quality control over

data base, events, etc.

· Provide services to the program as directed by local, State, and Federal policies and regulations.

· Explore new ideas, coordinate within and outside the office, and implement “paper-less” initiatives

to reduce paper through electronic filing systems and SharePoint.

· Provide analysis and input to program implementation and development of the Standard

Operating Procedures and regulatory clarification.

· Work with 38th Division, Indiana National Guard and IDVA on future developments, changes to

programs and working groups.

· Work with the Major Subordinate Commands in the Indiana National Guard, other Indiana

National Guard support programs and liaison with the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs and the

other Reserve Component Commands to implement programs to best support the employment goals of

the Indiana National Guard

· Provide guidance and administrative support to all service members and veterans seeking

employment, to include training and mentoring.

· Support the evaluation of Quality Control program performance against stated goals by compiling,

organizing, and analyzing data and assisting in the development of trend analysis. Summarize and

interpret significant data collected and relate this data to the organization’s program actions; identify and

analyze deficiencies in resource consumption, workload, and evaluate deviations from standards, plans,

and estimates to determine cause and impact on Quality Control program, Employment program, and

Outreach program resources and planned events.

· Attend staff meetings as required, and meet at least once monthly with Outreach program.

· Monthly Hour / Expense reporting. The contractor shall provide accurate, complete reporting data

with all receipts and logs with 5 business days of the end of each month.

Qualification Requirements

· Have a valid driver license.

· Highly desired Associate’s degree in the area(s) of expertise required by the Contract, and

demonstrated practical experience in Human Resource Management. Other combinations of

experience and education that meet the minimum qualifications may be substituted.

· Possess at least one year of Army/Air Guard experience directly related to the requirements of the

Contract, has a working understanding of the position functions and has sufficient knowledge to

perform the work of the position described in the Contract.

· Strong working knowledge of Word, Excel and Power Point

· Strong communication skills, both written and verbal

· Strong organizational skills

· Direct experience with NGB programs and software

· Knowledge of file organization and maintenance procedures, proven administrative skills

relevant to file operations, including alpha/numeric filing skills and fluency with office equipment (such as

copiers, scanners, and personal computers) used in the maintenance of filing systems

· Knowledge of the Army personnel management system

· Understand the hiring practices of Corporations and Employment Services to facilitate the Local

Community Employment Engagements and Employment Engagement Events that will be planned and


· Have strong understanding of the Military pay, Special pay and bonus system

· Have a strong knowledge of personnel automation systems, to include but not limited to: RCAS,

Standard Finance System (STANFINS), and Integrated Personnel Electronic Records Management

System. (IPERMS), Defense Travel System (DTS) as well as a mastery of the Microsoft Office Suite Thorough knowledge of standard office procedures and the ability to interpret general


· Ability to deal tactfully and diplomatically with others; function under pressure, such as time

limitations or intense public interest

· Maintain confidentiality of sensitive/confidential information

· Knowledge of the ARNG accounting and commitment systems, personnel systems, and in depth

knowledge of INARNG units and command alignment

· Knowledge of State Veteran Benefits along with Veteran organizations

IRS offers a competitive benefits program which includes –

· 15 Paid Time-off (PTO) days

· 10 paid holidays

· Company match for 401K after 90 days of employment

· $50K Life Insurance Policy

· Comprehensive Health, Vision and Dental Plan

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $18.50 per hour

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