Recruiting Program Management Support

Full Time
Evansville IN
Posted 4 years ago

Interagency Readiness Solutions (IRS) is seeking a Recruiting Program Management Support professional to join our team.

Major Responsibilities

· Provide Expert Production Analytics in support of the INARNG Recruiting and Retention Battalion (RRB).

· Monitor Market Shares by county, zip codes, and high schools and generate reports as requested.

· Monitor and report RRNCO lead tracking, RRNCO appointments set and conducted, projections, and enlistments for assigned area/team and generate reports as requested.

· Assist recruiting teams to identify trends impacting the effectiveness of the organization. Assist in identifying strategic initiatives regarding accessions management.

· Assist individual RRNCOs to fine tune marketing strategies, waiver processes, and identify key relationships based on production history and area analysis.

· Assist individual RRNCOs and area teams in development of calendars, activities, and school events IAW NG PAM 601-1.

· Monitor the Automated Unit Vacancy System (AUVS) availability and training seat availability to provide viable analytical options for enlistment, and assist with proficient unit strength management.

· Analyze and evaluate (on a quantitative or qualitative basis) the effectiveness of recruiting program operations in meeting established goals and objectives.

· Collect, assemble, and compile partially tabulated data into product tabulations, and prepare tables, charts, or graphs for review by the RRC.

· Capture, analyze, and be able to produce through electronic or paper means, quantitative/qualitative data that will be reviewed and sent to local, state, and federal agencies as necessary.

· Produce, create and manage geographic specific digital and social media content for the assigned area.

· Coordinate pre-event social media support leading up to and following designated area events with RRB Marketing as directed by the RRC or DCO.

· Provide off-site real time social media support by capturing and posting content while the event is taking place as directed by RRB and in coordination with RRB Marketing.

· Receive leads generated by digital campaigns from RRB Marketing to the appropriate recruiting teams or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system/platform and ensure RRNCO lead follow-up.

· Develop and execute training programs that detail techniques used for lead generation, appointments, area analysis, and enlistments for new recruiters, as well as recruiters struggling to make mission.

· Train and assist recruiters with product knowledge, time management, engagement, and packet preparation.

· Research and study National Guard regulations for policy compliance to capture “lessons learned” from ongoing initiatives. Brief RRB leadership as requested.

· Conduct assistance visits with recruiters, in order to provide expert analytics and training needed to improve effectiveness.

· Assist team and company elements in the development of steps to streamline, remove barriers, modify policies, SOPs, or develop a technological solution to ensure efficient and effective communication between team and company elements to the RRB.

· Observe the recruiters/teams to ensure all reporting requirements are met and are in compliance with RRB guidance/TAG Policy/OPORD.

· Analyze enlistment packet submissions and generate quantitative/qualitative results to identify trends and discern systemic problems to develop focused training and support requirements.

· Work with recruiting teams, to assist in capturing and disseminating relevant data, in order to help define annual RRB budget and market forecasting. Assist in planning, tracking, and reconciling budget items.

· Keep RRB abreast of changes and trends that are divergent from historical norms, and provide expert analysis for experiential course of action to mitigate potential issues.

· Review new or proposed legislation or regulations to determine impact on program operations and management.

· Make special studies requiring the search for, selection, and evaluation of data from published and unpublished sources, and then prepare such data for inclusion in reports and publications.

· Deliver formal monthly briefings to the RRC regarding analysis and market studies for the geographic area to which assigned.

· Assist RRB in the delivery of formal quarterly briefings to TAG regarding analysis and market studies, for the geographic area to which assigned.

Qualification Requirements

· Bachelor’s degree or minimum of 10 years of Military Experience

· Must be a former Recruiting and Retention Non-commissioned Officer

· Must have received the Master recruiting badge

· Minimum of five years of recruiting experience, knowledge of recruiting systems (FAZR, Recruiter Zone, and REQUEST or similar systems), or other relevant areas of expertise.

· Must be proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and skillful in using Microsoft Excel and have direct experience with NGB programs and software.

· Must possess excellent organizations skills as well as written and verbal communication skills.

· Must be able to pass suitability requirements as outlined by Army Directive 2018-16 and NGB SMOM 20-008.

· Must comply with the following Government directives in order to successfully complete required tasks:

– NGR 601-1, Applicable Strength Maintenance Operational Messages (SMOM), NG PAM 601-1, AR 601-210, and Accessions Operations Criteria

· Must be proficient at producing social media content on various sites to include, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

· Must have the ability to maintain a professional appearance.

· Must possess expert knowledge of analytical and evaluation techniques, and skills and abilities to identify problems, recommend solutions, and conduct complex studies concerning the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s programs to improve and optimize productivity and efficient utilization or resources.

· Demonstrated ability to multitask, analytical/logical thinking and ability to problem solve.

IRS offers a competitive benefits program which includes –

· 15 Paid Time-off (PTO) days

· 10 paid holidays

· Company match for 401K after 90 days of employment

· $50K Life Insurance Policy

· Comprehensive Health, Vision and Dental Plan

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $37.00 /hour

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